Hiram on "Bong Hits From the Astral Basement Volume 2"

Hiram have a track on the Heavy Planet compilation "Bong Hits From the Astral Basement Volume 2"!

Those wee angels at Heavy Planet have sorted us out with a pog (Winner Dies Last) on their new compilation... As they say; "61 of the finest unsigned and independent Stoner Rock, Doom, Psychedelic and Sludge metal bands on the planet"...

Fucken A! Go to the Heavy Planet bandcamp to get an ear-full...


South Sea - 12/12/13

Poster, here, for the South Sea (Sheffield) show on Thursday 12/12/13 (w/The Final Chapter + After the Departure). A final 'huzzah!' before we all die on Friday 13th... and there's also Christmas... download the 'Works of Hiram' and goodwill to all... nah... fuck 'em, every one...

INTERVIEW: NineHertz / homeMADE

Interview for NineHertz/homeMADE.

The most kind, generous and hard-working NineHertz did us the honour of asking us some questions. The interview is part of the run-up to the homeMADE show that we will be playing on the 30th November in Sheffield at The Audacious Art Experiment...

"Hiram are another one of the fantastic local acts you can catch at the upcoming homemade event on Saturday November 30th. We caught up with Bing (guitar/vocals) and John (drums) from the band to find out what you can expect and how they are coping as a newly-reduced three-piece after the departure of long-term guitarist Greg this year."

Get over to the NineHertz website now to read the rest...


On 30th November we'll be playing the homeMADE micro-fest at the Audacious Art Experiment... we have heard that it is a BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE place as well... fuck yes... 


Incidentally - we did an interview for NineHertz in relation to this...

STTWTT Review - SonicAbuse

"...sonically brilliant..."

"...If anyone is making music like this apart from Hiram, we have yet to encounter them."

"Hiram are a wildly inventive, genuinely progressive force..."

 Cool as furck...


STTWTT Review - UK Horror Scene

Review of See The Thing Within The Thing from UK Horror Scene

"It’s obvious this band is a well-oiled machine"

"the production is great...stellar drumming..."

"Hiram is not your average doom band... These guys think outside the box. They’re phenomenal musicians and they play very well together... Very good musicians, a great vocalist and good writing, both musically AND lyrically."

"Those first four songs just blew me away. I’ll be listening to this album a lot more."

Awriiiight! Cheers to UKHS... cool!

STTWTT Review - NineHertz

Review of See The Thing Within The Thing by Mike from Nine Hertz.

"Once they get going it's like a prog steamroller"

"it's just dizzying (and brilliant as it happens)."

"...you'll need to put aside some time to absorb See The Thing... Whatever, keep your (third) eye open for Hiram..."

What a gent...!