If Up Were Along (2007)

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Disc 1:

Oort Cloud Part 1
Sueños De Vidas
Sin Semilla Girl
- The Core - 
Calm Stream (When It Rains, It Pours Part 1)
Reykjavik (When It Rains, It Pours Part2)
Raging Sea (When It Rains, It Pours Part 3)
Ooort Cloud Part 2

Disc 2:
(Sunlight is Both) Particles and Waves
If Up Were along
Peering Over The Shoulder of Admiral Piri Reis
Sueños De Vidas

Sleep! If needs be, somnambulate.
Dream… just a dream, it’s all you can take.
Steal what you feel, never make.
Real, this ordeal that we forsake.

It’s like a war that’s waging - shot in the smile.
Wailed laments as my pillar crashed down.

Like a moron I wait for it - so much time spent clinging to it.
Cause the worst.
Curse the cause.

Hurts to blink from rubbing my eyes.
Because I’m rousing, and I’m waking at sundown.
Back to bed then, the world be damned,
Lay down my head, and keep it down.
I’ll sleep through the end of the world.

Dead to the world

Wasting time, choosing a life

Does it mean I’m insane cos I want something to mean…
…to mean something to myself?
So that in turn myself it has meaning?

Wasting time, choosing a life

I can’t seem to give a fuck!

Anguish… languish… Anger at inertia!

Sin Semilla Girl

Golden sun for hair,
Above; the eye-blue skies.
She breathes and there is air,
Her lips; the mountains high.

At the shore we’d meet,
I’d wave to touch you.
A smile, a tear for your seed,
Drowned in my ocean blue.

Horror!! Beguile me not, angels!!!
Terror!! Beauty has no seed!!!

Breathing as one.


Nothing has worked, and I screamed so hard.
Want to tell you everything and leave nothing inside.
Break my body with imagination cleft away from me.

How long have you fuckin’ known this?!
All along, I was wrong and I never noticed -
All this time I swear I never ever met a man like you man,
And you’re only fuckin’ human!!!

How Strong? You’re so fuckin’ strong!
All my life I doubt I’ll ever make a Human

Another breakdown, another well timed weapon,
Another Human, another individual dumbed down!
Destroy the cycle – no capitulation.
Destroy the fear – you are a holy weapon.

Reykjavik (When It Rains, It Pours; Part Two)
(feat: Matt Rhodes/lyrics: Matt Rhodes)

In the beginning, she rose naked from the chaos,
Sea from sky divided - she dances on the waves…

With eyes shut tight she conjures silent cadence,
Flailing limbs cleave paths in the nothingness.
Beads of sweat, cast into the sky,
Constellations chart the pattern of her steps.
Thorn from rose; consort brought to life,
With a kiss and the heavens beating in his chest.
In unio, waves crash all around,
Eye of the storm - the north wind fans the flames.

Thus sparked the advent of the coming age of man,
Perfect and holy offspring of Elysian.

Two by two; primordial architects,
Bound by fire to create the world in her image.
Satisfied, she laid her bones upon the earth,
Mountains spraying mothers milk their sustenance/reward.
One begat the next; the torches passed, their charges set,
To populate the earth with beasts of their own design.
All lay beneath the watchful eye, the guiding light,
Basking in the glow of soul/spirit/fury/fire.
Just like the perfect blueprint, the best-laid plans are easily torn,
Rent asunder.

The avarice of gods and man will turn the purest heart black,
Because enough is never enough.

Raging Sea (When It Rains, It Pours; Part Two)

Pause, perforate time, allow stillness to take hold…
…that fresh clean smell…
Now I’m set, but I will thaw, and when I melt I will wash and clear path to the sea.

We can flow,
We can grow,
From a calm stream stream,
To a raging sea.

So be water my friend.

(Sunlight Is Only) Particles And Waves

It’s as good as its getting, and it’s as bad as its been,
Prepare for the worst; it’s the worst that I’ve seen.
Needs dictate there be one, a nameless impetus,
Set high on a pyre, flames lick the furious.

No-one told me to question, nor advised to ask why,
But I can so I am pro-activating, instigating the fall.

Man-God/Man-King… know what I mean?

Occam slice out my eyes: what I think and I know,
All that’s left is all I’ll need show.

No rage to lead the way, pride burning away.

Clear now,
Clarity’s grace.
Sunlight is both particles and waves,
This insight is preparation, anticipating conflagration.

Did you see the news today?
It told you nothing, which you already know!
Let me know and I will lay it on the line…
It’ll only get better after the thrill of the kill.
So fall or fly, roll the dice, kill your life,
Like suicide but without the prize… life’s no game!!!
The joke is on us…
Your light comes in squares… same shape as your hearts.

Homo habilis – thumb and four digits,
Sapiens Sapiens – digits count minutes.
Standing tall, wise wise, so good we’re named twice,
Hands free to back-pat,
Satan’s work divides.

If Up Were Along

Hail all free people, drowning and caged,
Think only this of lessons learned:
“Dulce et decorum est pro patrai mori” in times of war,
But in times of peace, terror reigns with a bloody vengeance.

So I build a tower…

If up were along - so up is along.
These foundations of mine, they are unique to myself.
My toil is for none else.

Provisions, they do run low.
My great forces bicker.
Shielding my eyes, survey my broken lands.
Good soil to till – fallow forever!

(feat: Matt Rhodes/lyrics: Matt Rhodes)
The battle to win hearts and minds,
Is lost the moment the heart stops beating.
Come, stand on my shoulders.
We’ll cast no shadow on the moon,
But we will stand tall.

If up were along my proud towers reach high!!

Peering Over The Shoulder Of Admiral Piri Reis

Alter… alter; mustn’t alter,
My course is still sound.
Falter… falter; mustn’t falter,
Lest I run aground.
Big bear, small bear making aware a circle has points.
Nowhere or elsewhere, everywhere is somewhere; shall not disappoint.

Stand down Mr Christian, we’ll have no mutiny here!
My hands on my helm, strong breeze in my sail.

The rationale is clear; it says use your mind!
Your own path you will steer; a wake and a line.

Awake and alive.

At work and in line.

Reflect opinion, do not think or try.
Argue that stories have only one side.
Nothing is wrong here and we are all right.
See what surrounds us and brave in the light.

I sat there thinking of things that amazed, of thing that explained,
So I sat there thinking, “could all this be true?”
The knowledge is ancient – that it was taught not inspired (“Is all of this true?”)

Two sides to each story at odds with each other,
Then up sprang another – three sides, it would seem.
Like all great voyages, dangers abound,
But unexplored land leaves treasures unfound.
Bountiful riches, strange fruits and wine,
Eye the horizon and cast off your line…

The things I must do are the things I must do.

So what must I do? The things I must do are the things I must do… and if I must do, then this too must do…

Gather my moorings, awake and alive.
Cast off and set sail, awake and in line.
And if don’t reach there,
Then this here must do…